Conservation Participation Program

A unique opportunity to step into the shoes of the conservationist

What does the Conservation Participation Program entail?

With several species of wild animals and birds facing the threat of extinction, wildlife preservation has become paramount. We are committed to work effortlessly towards the cause through our conservation initiatives. We invite you to join us in this journey; contribute and make a difference. This one-of-a- kind program provides you with an interactive experience of spending time in the forest and studying wildlife.

Who can participate in the program?

The Conservation Participation Program will add value to environmental activists, conservationists, nature lovers, and sustainable travelers who are passionate about the environment. It is for anybody and everybody who worships nature and would like to contribute to its preservation. Having said that, the program is a boon and recognition for students and professionals in their early careers of subjects like wildlife, birding, environmental conservation, photography and writing and sustainable development.

Field Site

Western Ghats – in the buffer area of Bhagvan Mahavir National Park and Mollem National Park.

Conservation Participation Program is established with support from Nature’s Nest Nature Resort. This property spread over 4 and a half acre falls in the buffer region of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary that is home to several species of birds and animals and also hosts some migratory guests that are passing through during winter.

What can you expect to learn from the program?

As a participant, you will go on wildlife surveys to carry out various activities like to check the camera traps setup in the forest, look for signs of recent animal activity and them carefully to gather research data highly useful for the conservation of target species in the years to come.

While on a conservation trail, you can expect to spot different species of endangered and endemic birds, animals and reptiles.

What is expected of the program participants?

As you will be living and moving about in the wilderness, experiencing a life beyond civilization, there are a few things that we expect you to keep in mind while participating in the program. They are:

  1. When in nature, you have to be physically active

  2. Be prepared to walk in mud, get your feet wet in forest streams

  3. Adhere to a disciplined behavior in Nature’s Nest premises as well as on your nature trails

  4. Be truly interested in wildlife preservation, sustainable living, and travel, environmental conservation, bird spotting and ecology.

Basic Program (15 days)

Fees: INR 15995


Accommodation in dorms on a triple sharing basis at Natures Nest Nature Resort

Three meals per day based on set menu

The opportunity to work with and learn from veteran conservationist

Premium Program (15 days)

Fees: INR 45785 (1 0r 2 participants)


Accommodation in a independent cottage at Natures Nest Nature Resort

Meals as per participants preferences

The opportunity to work with and learn from veteran conservationist

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Conservation Projects in which you can participate

Otter Conservation

Address the otter conservation needs at grassroots level

Private Conservation Hotspots

Support the survival of native wildlife outside protected areas