Nocturnal Wildlife Monitoring

Documenting the presence and adaptation of nocturnal wildlife

Western Ghats has a rich diversity of wildlife which in active only during the night. In this project our team is monitoring nocturnal wildlife through various activities like night safari and night trail in the buffer area of the Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Begin in Western Ghats the wildlife at night is just beyond imaginable right from animals which have adapted to become nocturnal just to avoid interaction with humans i.e. Leopards, Indian Guars, Spotted Deer’s to animals that are completely nocturnal in nature i.e. Slender Loris, Flying Squirrel, Civet cats, Mouse Deer, Owls and Nightjar or even Indian Porcupine.


1. To conserve nocturnal wildlife outside protected areas

2. To build awareness about lesser known nocturnal animals