Otter Conservation

"Otters are animals you never knew you needed to know about"

Why care about Otters?

Otter are animals known by few and studied by handful

Otters are the keystone species of the riverine ecosystem

Being the only semi-aquatic mammals found in India; otters play a unique role in maintaining ecological balance

Goa is home to two species of otters namely Smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) and Asian Small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinereus).

Both these species are listed as Vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN Red List.

Overall Goal

Create long lasting conservation impact which will benefit both wildlife and people living in the landscape


Address the conservation needs of otters at grassroots level in Goa


1. Monitor otter populations in Goa; study their behavior and adaptations

2. Build otter conservation capacity among the local stakeholders

3. Restore otter habitats; prevent further degradation

An insight into our work

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Monitoring otters on the go
Track otter population
Our team works continuously to track otter population and understand their conservation need
Fresh Sign
Fresh otter defecation often gathers interest of smaller creatures like butterflies and ants.
Camera Trap
We study otter behavior and adaptations using camera traps
Human-otter cohabitation
We study human-otter cohabitation and do our bit to support their well-being
Human-otter cohabitation
Understanding the vulnerability of Asian Small-clawed otter to climate change
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Participate In This Project
Intern With Us

Project Location

Buffer area of Bhagvan Mahavir National Park and Mollem National Park.

We would love to receive your support for this project

A. Donate Equipment

Donate a camera trap unit
Donate a GPS device

B. Support conservationist salary for one month

C. Contribute towards logistics required for conservation action